Florida Gators Fan

How Did You Become A Florida Gators Fan?

Football is a sport that isn’t for everyone. However, it’s difficult to avoid hearing about the Florida Gators due to the popularity of the sport across the country. Meanwhile, if you live in Florida, supporting Florida’s football pride becomes natural. Even if you claim not to be a fan of the Florida Gators, or even consider yourself as not a fan of football, you’ll end up finding yourself rooting and cheering for the Gators every season.

Becoming A Florida Gator Fan

The University of Florida has been playing football for nearly a century, with ups and downs along the way. Now, you may be wondering when you first started rooting for the Gators.  Perhaps it was in the 1990s, when Steve Spurrier returned to his old institution and made winning SEC championships an expectation rather than an impossible fantasy, that the Florida Gators were pushed into the national spotlight.

Maybe it was when Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators were 3-0 and had outscored opponents 112-19 before falling 31-30 in the Swamp to Ole Miss. Tebow delivered an emotional post-game address in which he promised that the team would work and play harder than any other team in the country and that the loss would fuel them for the remainder of the season.

Maybe it’s because your father has been a Gators fan since before you were born. You might often see your father’s collection of Florida Gators shirts. While watching football on TV, you’ll see him wearing his favorite Florida Gators sweatshirt while passionately screaming and cheering for the Gators. Or perhaps you were taken to a Gators home game by your father, wearing his Florida Gators Jersey, with his face painted, and saw him loudly cheering for the team while waving the Florida Gator flag.

There are a variety of reasons why you become interested in football and became a Florida Gator fan. Your family and friends may have influenced you. Maybe you’ve just been a football fan since you were a child. Their hard work and enthusiasm for football make becoming a fan of the Florida Gators is easy.


Support Florida Gators

The Gators’ fans must show their support for the team, as the Gators have had a rough start to the season. Nevertheless, the team is still in the league and has a chance to win the remaining games and climb to the top.

Use social media to express and reach out your support for the players and the organization, and to boost their confidence. Attend home court games and wear your full Gator apparel, including shirts and jerseys, to show your support. Cheer on the Florida Gators by waving the Gator flag!

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