Florida Gators football schedule

Gator Games 2021: How You Should Support Your Favorite Team This Season?

No matter how good it is, a team is incomplete without its fans. Fans bring the much-needed energy to the game and act as motivators for their favorite teams.

Since Florida Gators football schedule 2021 was out, we were as excited as all Gator fans. This time, the stakes are higher, but we have started well by beating Atlantic Owls with a 35-15 win in the very first game of the season.

According to the Florida Gators football schedule, our team will be playing next in Tampa against South Florida Bulls before returning to Gainesville for their upcoming games against Alabama and Tennessee.

How are you supporting your favorite team this football season?

We hope you remember the fight song, “Orange and Blue!” As a Florida Gators fan, it is something you must know. And, if you also know “We Are The Boys,” that’s just like the icing on the cake!

Moreover, Florida is well known for its chomping, with every fan in the stadium showing off this iconic tradition. If you are a true football fan, orange and blue jerseys will always be on your back to support Gator nation!

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At Gator Gear, we give extra attention to our shoppers’ comfort. Available in 8 sizes, our chomp shirts are made of top-quality fabric. They are breathable and lightweight yet very durable.

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