Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy

Gator Gear operates this Website, and the terms "we," "us," or "our" refer to Gator Gear entities and all other partner entities. As a responsible company, we understand how important your privacy is to you. Therefore, we ensure that the information we collect from you on behalf of Gator Gear is well protected.

We consider your data as private unless you have consented otherwise. If you have opted for any disclosure, you may opt-out at any given time. By accessing our properties, you permit the data collection and its disclosure as per this document. If you don't agree to the same, you may not access or use these properties.

Sources of Personal Information

Gator Gear uses the following sources to collect your personal information.

a) From You: We may collect personal information when you sign up for marketing, make purchases, create an account, contact us for customer service.

b) From Your Friends: If you permit, we may have your friends or contacts provide personal information about you via a friend referral program. You should share any information about another person if you have that person's consent.

c) Cookies and Tracking Technologies: We may gather your information through cookies and tracking technology. While you access or use our Properties, we may collect your device data, internet usage, location, website activity, and other details.

d) Service Providers: Your data may also be collected from those helping us supply our products, provide customer assistance, etc.

e) Third Parties & Publicly Available Information: Gator Gear can gather your information from any third-party sources like Business Partners, advertising networks, data brokers, government and other public sources, and social media platforms and networks.

How We Use Your Personal Information

We may use your data for the following reasons:

a) To give you products and services and information regarding them.

b) For promotion or our brand. If you do not wish to receive such emails, SMS, etc., contact us to unsubscribe.

c) To analyze your behavior and preferences to evaluate and improve our products and services.

d) To comply with legal obligations.

e) For internal operational objectives, like managing customer accounts, auditing, security, manage competitions, comply with contractual necessities

Data Retention

We will hold on to your data only until your account is active, duration as prescribed by law, or time necessary to comply with our legal obligations.

Protection of Your Private Information

We utilize proper security measures to protect your sensitive information, like credit card numbers or other payment details. We secure your confidentiality during transmission and after we receive it.

Other Notices and Essential Information

Gator Gear has the sole discretion to change, modify, add, or remove any part of this Privacy Policy. Any new versions of this policy would be uploaded here.

Our servers are managed in the United States of America. Therefore, the data collected will be subject to lawful requests by the courts or law enforcement authorities in the USA.

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