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What Is Gators Clothing?

We might not be famous stylists or fashion experts but we do know one thing: when it comes to our home team’s games, the best thing to wear is Florida Gators clothing.
New fans might be wondering what exactly that means. Gators clothing is shirts, jerseys, jackets, hoodies, or any other apparel that features our beloved home team’s logo or name.
Now, let’s dive deep into some of our favorite Florida Gators clothing to wear and a couple of fashion dos and don’ts during games.

1. Wear the Team Colors

It’s an unspoken rule of football and any other sporting event. Wearing our favorite team’s colors is a quick and easy way to show who we are rooting for and to find fellow fans.
We can spot members of the Gator Nation from a mile away with vibrant orange and blue Florida Gators shirts or jerseys.

2. Wear Authentic or Replica Team Uniform

When it comes to Gator clothing, we can’t go wrong with authentic or replica team uniforms. Expect the home stadium to be filled with alumni and diehard fans proudly and excitedly cheering for the team in their Florida Gators uniforms and jerseys.
We recommend staying away from wearing complete uniforms to avoid getting mistaken for a player. For anyone wearing replica Gators shirts and jerseys, make sure the names at the back are spelled out correctly!

3. Do Not Wear Jerseys for Other Sports

The Florida Gators football team may be the most popular sports team of the university but it is far from the only one. The University of Florida has plenty of other amazing sports teams, including basketball, baseball, lacrosse, volleyball, and more.
If you’re clearing out your calendar based on the Florida Gators football schedule, make sure you wear football jerseys. If your jersey is for the basketball or volleyball teams, it’s better to just wear universal Florida Gators clothing.

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4. Sport Some Florida Gators Accessories

Gators clothing can also include caps and beanies bearing the Florida Gators mascot. Here in perpetually sunny Florida, wearing a billed cap often lets us see the game better from high up in the stands.
Some fans even go as far as wearing football helmets to show their school pride and team spirit.

5. Wear Long-Sleeved Jerseys

Florida may be sunny all-year-round but the temperatures are relatively cooler from September to January. If you follow the Florida Gators football schedule closely, you’ll find that games run from September to November.
That’s why we think long-sleeved jerseys are one of the best Florida Gators clothing you can wear to games. For some extra spice and team spirit, we recommend our premium, unisex, and ultra-comfy chomp jerseys.
Visit our store to get your long-sleeved chomp jerseys in orange, blue, or white today.

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